• John Parmigiani

A Call To Action, Calling The 90%

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Out of 3784 FINRA Member Firms, 3405 are Small Firms. They are the 90%. As FINRA 360 Unfolds, the opportunity for change is upon us. As the Northern Regional Small Firm Advisory Board Representative, I will tell you… and listen closely…your voices ARE being heard, so get involved, and stay involved.

There is an election that ends today for two very important positions that may impact the quality of your life as a FINRA Member firm for years to come.

First is the Small Firm Seat on the National Adjudicatory Counsel (NAC).

The National Adjudicatory Council (NAC) reviews initial disciplinary and membership proceeding decisions and has the ability to affirm, dismiss, modify, or reverse any finding, or remand.

In the quest to rid the industry of bad actors, unfortunately some good people get caught in the net AND that’s where the NAC comes in handy. I’ve had conversations with former NAC members and with the right people elected, good people do get a fair shake at clearing their names.

Up for the Small Firm seat is Paige Pierce, current chair of the Small Firm Advisory Board. A 30-year Veteran, Paige works relentlessly to better the environment for the Small Firm and to ensure our survival. I’ve spoken accolades about Paige in the past, you can see her resume on LinkedIn here: or visit her website:

Paige is an invaluable asset to the small firm community.

Next up is a seat for the Southern Region Small Firm Advisory Board Representative.

The Small Firm Advisory Board reviews and comments on all new and amended FINRA rule proposals, and provides guidance to FINRA staff regarding the potential impact of proposed regulatory initiatives on small firms.

The candidate to fill one of these seats who I have no doubt will excel in this role is Linde Murphy.

Linde is a 17 year veteran and fellow Certified Regulatory Compliance Professional (CRCP) Graduate from the FINRA Institute at Wharton. Outside of her numerous qualifications, Linde will be a penetrating voice on the SFAB. She is experienced, resourceful, and respected. You can see her profile on LinkedIn here:

I think Linde would be an Excellent Fit for the tasks at hand.

For the record, I would not take time to endorse just anyone. This isn’t about making friends, it’s about protecting the future of our industry.

For things to change, we must change. Get Started, Get Involved and Get Proper Representation. Please vote.

In order to Vote, you will need your firm’s Unique 11-digit identifier. If you can’t find it, you can email to get it. Otherwise vote online at or you may call 888-693-8683. 11:59pm tonight is the cutoff.

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