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Yin Yang & The Next Major Technological Boom

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

As a young man in the late 90’s making my way from main street to wall street I was fortunate enough to be part of a technological revolution that changed the world as we know it and its happening again right before our very eyes.

It’s true, I had no idea the magnitude the dawn of the world-wide web would have. Yet, I brazenly told prospects how the future was upon us, there would be a computer in every household, in every room of every household, and on every desk at work.  I spoke of retailers selling goods online, how international reach would boost revenue and that soon people wouldn’t even need to go to stores anymore.

Yes, it was the biggest technology boom of our time and 20 short years later all that is taken for granted is about to change again.

For better or for worse; It’s all about balance.

Yin & Yang is a Chinese symbol for balance and harmony, and the opposite forces of nature. The symbol has two colors, White and Black which symbolize nature’s balance of forces such as Good and Evil, Up and Down, Light and Dark, Life and Death, Etc. Basically the symbol represents positive and negative forces in the universe and the balance of such.

The Yin

These days in busy cities, people hardly make eye contact anymore, bump into each other while texting and ADD diagnosis are running rampant. The brain can only focus on one thing at a time and from the time a toddler gets their first iPad so parents can get some “me time” (usually on their own device) to the time losing a phone invokes a feeling of being withdrawn from society and panic, we are faced with more distractions due to data overload than ever before.

Not much unlike a new drug that hasn’t been in clinical trials long enough to know what long term side effects it may have, the digital revolution has been thrust upon us, wreaking some havoc, yet creating tons of opportunities for advancement along the way. So let’s get to work but first:


Blink, Breathe, Repeat.

Of course, cell phones and the mobile revolution will have their time-consuming challenges especially in the workplace such as:

• How well can workers be doing their job if they are constantly checking their cell phone for texts or social media feeds?

• With many employees bringing their own devices to work , mixing personal and professional applications on one phone can put the entire small business at risk. Security is always at risk with one unlocked and lost cell phone.

• The constant connection to the phone ensures that every employee will bring work problems home and home problems to work. Having no downtime between the two can lead to burnout.

In a recent study performed by the University of Florida, researchers hypothesize that there is a “tendency for cellular notifications to prompt task-irrelevant thoughts, or mind wandering, which persist beyond the duration of the notifications themselves.”


“Put That Cell Phone Down, Cell Phones are For Closers Only”

A few steps you can take to increase productivity:

Put your cell phone away for most of the day

Answer messages and emails at designated times

Focus on the task at hand and nothing else 

Exercise on Airplane Mode

Leave work at WORK

Make some technology free time for yourself and loved ones 

See the world through your eyes, not your selfie stick

Live the moment

The Yang

An innate ability to efficiently multitask, simultaneously block out distractions, while interrupting those who say it can’t be done, by doing it, has been key to many a mavens success.

On the mega plus side:

Children are learning at faster pace than ever

We have more information than ever at lighting speeds

There are Programs and Apps for just about anything

We Can Calculate, Correlate, and Congregate like never before

Quantum leaps have been taken is advertising marketing and recruiting

When Focused, efficiency is at an all time high

Indeed, mobile advertising revenues globally have nearly doubled in the past 12 months and I’d speculate that trend continues. Areas of imminent growth include cloud computing and storage, cyber security, mobile advertising, marketing, virtual reality, mobile gaming, and mobile payment systems to name a few.  We should start to see a greater number of startups and the merger and acquisition market should get red hot.

The key here is to stay balanced and be ready for the opportunities on the horizon. Hashtag- Re-tweet and you might just miss it.


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